Making Slices of Your Trial "Easy as Toast"
An Appliance for Trial Secretaries


The Dog Agility "Trial Toaster" is capable of containing slices of many different trials. We are committed to making entries easy and worry free. You can get in quickly filling trials with instant confirmation - and if you find yourself entering late, you will have a better chance of getting into the trial using our built-in wait-list feature. We make sure the Trial Secretary has your entry and we guarantee your entry when it is completed online. For all of that, plus the paperwork and funds transfer, our administration fee is only $3 per first entry and $2 per subsequent entry per dog in each event day! We hope you will find the service as economical as it is easy to use.

The Trial Secretary that referred you to this site gave you an Event Code for their trial so that you may access the event most easily for online entry or to volunteer at the trial.

This event code was most likely in the premium, on their site or in your confirmation.

If you do not already have an account on the Trial Toaster you may create one easily by clicking on the "Log In" button above. It will make entering trials much easier if you already have all of the information about yourself and your dog in your cost-free and spam-free Trial Toaster account.

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